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  3. City of Clouds #toronto #cntower

  4. publicdesignfestival:

    The process of city-making belongs to citizens today more than yesterday: communities take ownership of their environment and by means of low resources, awareness and creativity answer their needs. Handmade Urbanism focuses on five emerging cities -Mumbai, Cape Town, Mexico City, Istanbul and São Paulo - and describes the potential of urban transformation embedded in small-scale initiatives.


  5. "I make music for ears, not eyes."
    — Adele (via observando)
  6. mirage.


  7. espresso time.

  8. bike club.

  9. side road.

  10. thisbigcity:


    Are you turned on?

    Good advice.

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  12. stroadtoboulevard:


    The first thing we notice of course is the new texture on the intersection, and the transit line. On the lower left block, existing buildings are maintained, with just a couple of infill buildings to complete the street wall. On the lower right block, a big box has been replaced by…

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  13. Street Capture Project

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  15. Whit Stillman’s “The Cosmopolitans”



    Richard Brody on Whit Stillman’s Amazon pilot:

    “In effect, for Stillman, exposition is a matter of form; the deft interweaving, from the very start of “The ‘Cosmopolitans,’ of disparate situations arises from a sense that labelling, whether through self-identification or the identification of others, is itself an act of high drama.”

    Above: Adam Brody (left) and Adriano Giannini in “The Cosmopolitans.” Photograph courtesy Amazon Video

    (Source: newyorker.com)