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  2. Which headline do you think pissed me off the most today (April 17th, 2014)?

  3. Tata&Friends Illustrate rock band icons w/ literal graphics


  4. ….dancing to my exam to this song….@atrak

  5. Community + Budget = Participatory Budgeting Program

  7. Years of Living Dangerously

  8. Jamie xx - Sleep Sound (Ft. Alicia Keys)

  9. What do you think?

  10. Mistaken for Strangers


  12. throughjo:

    reinventing the backyard…

    the 2611 green house and fire pit by good design collective www.designboom.com

    (via thisbigcity)


  13. "Not all those who wander are lost."
    — J.R.R. Tolkien

  14. 22 Signs You’re a Wanderer

    You dream of other places after you’ve just gotten somewhere.

    You have a hard time keeping friends but are always making new ones.

    You’re never content in one spot and that one spot is always old.

    You find beauty in the ordinary but find being ordinary a fate worse than death.

    You waste time daydreaming but never have enough time to sleep.

    Your legs always feel as restless as your soul.

    You’re always staring off into space and spacing out about another world.

    You’re ready to go anywhere, as long as it’s somewhere new.

    You’re fascinated by maps and oceans.

    Your Instagram photos are of places you want to go rather than those you’ve been.

    You know airfare prices like those who follow stock prices.

    When walking, you’d rather look up than down.

    You never want to be where you are, but couldn’t wait to get there before you were.

    Your head is in the clouds almost as much as you are.

    You look for the strange, exotic and unusual in the mundane.

    You never consider where you are as the place you’ll be forever.

    You count your money in terms of how far it will get you.

    Your most valuable possessions are ones that can’t be bought in stores.

    You look for new spots in old territories and old territories in new spots.

    You make plans until you’re ready to leave, then leave the plans behind.

    You trust your gut more than any tour guide.

    You find beauty in the ugly and ugly in the beautiful.

    Your family is the only reason you ever return home.

    You have a hard time keeping a job because you’re always leaving it.

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